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 Fundraising Events

Check out our Market! Ugandan hand-made crafts

Beautiful, colourful aprons

hand-woven, Tribal -design baskets

hand-crafted, recycled-material figurines

jewelry (necklaces, bracelets...)

shopping bags and small pouches

and many more items..

Cash For Cans

Cash For Cans 

Do you have cans?

Soda cans, beer cans... any cans that can be returned for cash?

We've returned cans for donations to the project close to $2000!!

So, if you have cans hanging around 

you can return them and donate the cash to the cause


get in touch with us and we can work something out

You're not only helping the environment by recycling

You're helping children get an education!

Trivia Night

Keep An Eye Out For Our Next Trivia Night

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